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Image Transfers

Image Transfer Services

Beautiful, full colour, eco-friendly heat transfer apparel printing.

Explore our innovative image transfer services, an exceptional way to brand garments, headwear, bags and other promotional items. Utilising a blend of water-based and digital inks, we recreate intricate logos and designs on a vinyl-like material, transferring them to your apparel through heat. 

With image heat transfers, achieve unparalleled detail and vibrancy at a reasonable cost. Enjoy striking colors, tonal gradients, and even photo-realistic images. PMS matching is also possible.

Benefit from durability, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. Image transfers exhibit remarkable stretch and rebound, resist cracking or fading, and offer a softer touch than digital or vinyl methods. This eco-friendly technique employs water-based inks and excludes PVC materials. Plus, it's cost-effective compared to direct-to-garment printing, suiting large-scale orders.


Image transfers involve printing vector artwork onto transfer paper using our specialised technology. We then apply the print to garments using heat presses in-house. The process eliminates the hassle of weeding, ensuring vibrant, ultra-high resolution prints that flawlessly reproduce your logo or artwork.


For simpler colour designs, other branding methods may be more suitable based on garment and quantity.

Pricing is based on the item, quantity, and size of the design.

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