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Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

A full colour, all over printing technique.

Experience the versatility of Dye Sublimation, perfect for intricate designs and special finishes. Dye sublimation printing, often termed "all-over printing," offers full-colour, full-coverage brilliance. The process involves transferring a specialised dye onto polyester fabric. Artwork is printed onto paper, then heat-pressed onto the fabric, resulting in exceptionally vibrant, photo-realistic colours with a smooth, enduring touch. The design potential is limitless.

Best suited for white or light-coloured fabrics, this technique can incorporate full-colour, including fluoro, metallic, and reflective hues. Commonly embraced in fashion and sportswear industries.

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Artwork is printed on specialised paper, then heat-pressed onto white or light-coloured polyester garments. Solid dye particles transform into gas, sublimating into polyester fibres and solidifying. Unlike other methods, dye permanently integrates with the fabric. It's akin to tattooing, but with paper and heat intricately staining fabric.


Dye sublimation is compatible only with white or high-polyester blend fabrics, whereas heat transfer suits cotton, polyester, and various color fabrics.

Due to customisation, sublimated apparel production takes longer than other branding methods.

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